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With temperatures on the rise, more sunny days in the forecast, and kids 100% home for what seems like a never ending amount of time, Rose’ is sure to be flowing this season!  I love the light, refreshing idea of Rose’, but I’m completely clueless what to buy when facing the options.  I reached out to bloggers, Victoria and Megan, of Rose’ on Tuesday to fill us in on a few good bottles for the season and how their blog came about.

How was Rose’ on Tuesday started?
Victoria- It all started while at our favorite North Side nail salon, Ruby Nails.  We would go there for BYOW mani/pedis, & talk about everything- and all of the random things we bought from bloggers.  We would wonder how they got started and one day thought, “Why not us?”  Our instagram appeal was different in that their are two of us who were neighbors at the time, and one was a working mom and the other a stay at home mom.  So having those different parenting prospectives was great!


One thing that I think is unique with the two of you is that Victoria has recently moved to the suburbs.  It’s great having a perspective from both!
Victoria- It is!  Since we’ve both experienced city life, it’s more me telling Megan the ways of the suburbs!
Megan- When Victoria first moved, she said everyone plays in their driveways! Something that is hard to comprehend in the city! The city has such great things to offer but during the pandemic there’s not as much to take advantage of!  In the burbs she has more space and less people, so during these times, that‘s a huge plus!  Thankfully, our condo in the city has a rooftop and front deck that Owen takes full advantage of.  Now we just need those spring temps to stick around!

Is there anything in particular that’s helped over quarantine with kids?
Victoria- Screen time?!?!?  Haha!  There’s a lot more of that going around.  Harper is in Pre-K and has daily assignments and zoom meetings, which I have to be present for – becuase, you know pre-k’ers.  We try to give my little guy Kannon a puzzle or crayons but that only lasts for so long.


Megan- Both myself and my husband Chris are working full time, with more meetings than ever, so Owen is seeing more Sesame Street than normal (and he is loving it)!  His daycare is zooming twice a day, which helps for a bit.  We’re also taking advantage of the virtual field trips for places like the Shed Aquarium!  Everyone is doing their best and the name of the game at this point is survival.  Oh, and Wine, lots of WINE helps!


What’s the best advice you’ve received in the game of mom-life?
It’s all a phase; the good, the bad and the ugly.  It’s all just a phase, and just when you think you have it figured out, they are on to the next phase.  And also, fake it till you make it!!


You do a Tuesday Review each week.  What are you partial too when choosing a Rose’?
Victoria –  I love crisp bubbly Rosé, if its blush and has bubbles, I’ll probably love it.  We’re just getting into the season and it is giving me life!  I shop mostly at Costco and Trader Joes for wine, but lately, its Binny’s delivery for the WIN!

Megan – While I love my bubbles, I am a ‘still’ “Rosé all day” type of gal.  I love a dry, crisp, rosé on a warm sunny day (or partly sunny…or let’s face it, rainy day)!  Check out our blog for all of our favorites!  My best advice at picking a Rosé when I’m not sure of the name, is to look at the country it comes from. Generally speaking, you can’t go wrong with one from France!  And you’d be surprised, they come in all price points! Trader Joe’s is a staple for this household, but during the pandemic, we’re relying on our curbside pick up or delivery from Mariano’s and Vin Chicago for some great deals!

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