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It’s Meet a Mom Monday! Today we’re introducing Cynthia Nambiar, Lincoln Park mom and founder of the breastfeeding trail mix company EzMilk! Keep reading our interview below to learn more about the fun things she likes to do around the city with her family, how she decided to start EzMilk, and the sweet story of how she came to live in Chicago!

Hi Cynthia! Thanks for speaking with us today! Can you tell us a bit about yourself? 

Hi Kelly, thank you for the opportunity to share. My name is Cynthia and I am a Capricorn, a mom, and speech therapist. I grew up in Dubai and India before I moved to Ohio for grad school in 2008. I was moving back to India in 2011 when my mom called me at 2 am to say she had seen a profile of a boy in Chicago. I was going to be in town for Lollapalooza but he was visiting his grandparents in India at the time. I always say I fell in love with the city before I did Sandeep. There is something to be said about finding yourself a spot in a park or by the lake amidst many summer party-goers. Sandeep and I started talking in August and we quickly realized we had something special. Well, at least I did. He was playing it cool!

We met a month before I moved back to India and after many late night conversations we decided to get married in New Zealand where he grew up and where his parents live. Chicago has been home since 2012.

How many children do you have and what are their ages? 

This one is always a tricky question for me. I would have had a 5 year old son but that was not meant to be. I have a two and a half year old girl, Tara, and I hope to find a gestational carrier soon who can help us complete our family. So some days I say I have one daughter and some days I say a little more!

What are your favorite things to do around the city with your family?

Parks n Walks is what we call it. My husband’s parents had a rule for him growing up-he had to play outside from 4-6 pm. We do the same with our daughter now and in the last year we’ve walked through alleys (Covid!), through parks, and through neighborhoods. We love hanging by the tiny hill across from Diversey Driving Range and checking out all the birds while we eat ice cream.

What is your favorite thing about being a mom? 

Her stories, for sure!  We wind down at night by talking about our day and Tara has so many things to share.  Last week she told me a friend we met was “sad”. I was blown away she had made that connection from a brief encounter. I think I am fascinated mostly because I am a speech therapist (on a break) and I see developmental patterns emerge in her stories. She is currently all about “baggage” (garbage) trucks and will make up songs  about them!

What made you decide to start EZMILK?

I had gestational diabetes and was very careful about my sugar intake after I gave birth. I was also pumping exclusively the first 6 weeks after I had Tara and when I looked at lactation supplements they were mostly teas and cookies. I was so so hungry all the time and I wanted snacks that were filling and helped with milk production too. A trail mix was perfect.

What are the primary benefits of EZMILK?

I think of it as a filling, nutritious snack for moms that are breastfeeding. It has almonds, raisins, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and fennel seeds. Fennel seeds are known to help with lactation so EZMILK is both a snack but also a lactation helper.

How did you choose trail mix as your first product?

I wanted a crunchy snack and my teeth were so grateful. I also have a hate-hate relationship with cookies. Shocker, I know! They are either too thick or too thin or too soft. Every year I wait for girl scout cookies because that’s the texture I like.

How can people purchase?

I currently sell on my website: Use LINCOLNPARKAREAMOMS for a 20% discount on some yummy trailmix.

Anything else you’d like people to know about you or the brand?

My biggest struggle has been trying to figure out if I am a baby brand or a mom brand. It feels scary to even say “mom first” because, let’s be honest, once the baby comes it is all about baby but I do want moms to have a snack that is just for them. I want moms to pick up a bag that makes them feel full and nourished and happy.




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