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Hi Everyone! It’s time for Lincoln Park Moms Meet a Mom Monday! This week’s Meet a Mom feature is Rachel Rozen, Lincoln Park mom and founder of RHR Therapies. Read on to learn more about how the pandemic gave her the jump start she needed to open her own pediatric occupational therapy practice, some great “mom hacks”, and more!

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Hi Rachel! Thank you for speaking with us today! Where are you from originally, and what brought you to Chicago?

I’m originally from the suburbs of NYC, but moved to Chicago a little after college (I went Univ. of MI, Ann Arbor)

How many kids do you have, and what ages are they? 

I have 2 kids – one is 3.5 and the other is 1.5 years old.

You’re a Lincoln Park mom! What are your favorite things to do as a family around the city?

Yes! I love being able to live in the city with our family and kids. One of our favorite things to do is just go on walks and explore the surrounding neighborhoods. We will often walk for a few miles to find a new ice cream shop, but often check out other shops and parks along the way.

How about without the kids – what are your favorite places for “me-time”?

I’m a coffee-holic, so anytime I can just escape and sit at a coffee shop or patio by myself is refreshing.

What do you love most about raising kids in the city? 

I love the opportunity to be able to have everything at our fingertips in the city – museums, restaurants, events. I love being able to walk and not have to drive everywhere, and even just take the kids on public transportation and give them those experiences.

Do you have any favorite local businesses in the neighborhood? 

We are big into local restaurants – for pizza we love Art of Pizza in Lakeview. We lived in River North before LP and I became addicted to Jerk. Jamaican Barbeque. I’m also so happy to live (dangerously) close to Scooter’s Frozen Custard!

Tell us more about your career journey, and how it led you start RHR Therapies! 

When I went to grad school for Occupational Therapy, I knew I wanted to work with kids. I made sure to focus all my clinical experiences in the pediatric setting. After graduation I had the opportunity to work at a local pediatric clinic and learned SO much while I was there. I was able to work with many clinicians in OT and other disciplines, working with schools and local professionals, as well as learning the background on the business side as well – but I always had that itch to want to branch out and start a practice on my own. The pandemic actually pushed me to branch out and really take that step and get RHR Therapies started on my own!
Can you tell us more about RHR Therapies and what you offer? 
RHR Therapies is a Pediatric Occupational Therapy practice. I offer individual OT services (focused on sensory support, executive function skills, and independence in daily activities) which include evaluations, ongoing sessions, and parent consultations/parent coaching. Currently I do in person sessions at home as well as virtual sessions. OT Sessions can be done for the individual kiddo, sibling sessions, and small social groups. I also work directly with schools and can provide consultations and continuing education for teachers and staff. If the school allows, I can also do individual OT sessions in the school (currently this is dependent on the school due to pandemic restrictions). I also collaborate with any other professionals (tutors, mental health, SLP, teachers) that your child may be working with as well!

What is something people would be surprised to learn about you? 

I’m from New York, but I moved around a lot growing up and have also lived in Japan, England, California, Michigan, Florida – and now Chicago!

As an entrepreneur I’m sure your days are jam packed! What is a “mom hack” or piece of advice that helps you get through your busy days? 

I rely very heavily on my Google Calendar. I even make sure to put things on my schedule like “call to schedule pediatrician check ups” to remind me to do all the little things.  We have also been doing meal kits since the pandemic started – helps to reduce some meal planning and grocery shopping (and leftovers are great for lunch too)!

Rapid Fire Round:

Go-to coffee shop order? Summer: Iced Green Tea Matcha Latte or Cold Brew / Winter: Chai Tea Latte or just straight up Hot Coffee
Favorite way to relax? Take Out and catching up on my DVR/Bravo shows!
Favorite movie?  Footloose and/or Mean Girls
Can’t live without beauty item? Bronzer
Window or aisle? Window
Something that inspires you? Working with kids and my own kids. I love being able to help kids grow and feel confident about themselves. Seeing those little moments when they make connections and grasp something new, or reach a new milestone or goal, or just feel joyful really makes me happy and inspires me in my day to day and my job.
Favorite Chicago neighborhood? Lincoln Park!


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