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Hi Everyone! It’s time for Lincoln Park Moms Meet a Mom Monday! This week’s Meet a Mom feature is Beth Soria, Lincoln Park mom and owner of House of Colour Lincoln Park! I recently got to sit down with Beth for a color analysis appointment, and I was blown away by the experience. Beth is so very amazing, and I’m thrilled to share our interview with you today! Read on to learn more about how Beth found herself hooked on the science of color, her favorite things about raising kids in the city, and some fun observations about “park life” that are so spot on!

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Hi Beth! Thank you for speaking with us today! Where are you from originally, and what brought you to Chicago?
I’m originally from Texas, where I met my husband in undergrad. We spent our 20s post-graduation in Los Angeles before making our way to Chicago for my husband’s job. We LOVE Chicago – it brings together the hospitality of southern living in Texas with the trendy city-living offerings that Los Angeles had!


How many kids do you have, and what ages are they? 
I have 2 kids – Riley, my daughter, is 5 and my son Dylan is 3. It’s a really fun stage that I’m enjoying but chaos is the name of the game in my house right now!
You’re a Lincoln Park mom! What are your favorite things to do as a family around the city?
One of the things that I think makes Chicago so unique is its park life! Growing up in small town Texas where land was plentiful, I never really went to parks or played at parks. My kids love getting out and I love how each park has developed its own “community” of sorts. I feel like I see similar faces each time we frequent a particular park, and those faces have since become friends. It’s pretty special how something as simple as park-life can become a social outlet and part of your “village”.
How about without the kids – what are your favorite places for “me-time”?
I’m not unique and I know all moms can attest to the fact that, I don’t have a ton of time that I dedicate to me. I try to get a mani/pedi as often as I can as a “treat” and something that’s just for me. I’m a regular at Spa Spazio on Fremont here in Lincoln Park. Mishelle (the owner) is the best and has created such a relaxing environment!
What do you love most about raising kids in the city? 
THE city or OUR city?! Ha! For the city, I love that my kids have access to so many activities in culture and sports as well as a diverse community of races, religions and even political views. I like my kids seeing all different schools of thought so that they can, one day, develop their own thoughts and learn to celebrate the differences in other’s thoughts as well. With regard to our city, Chicago is so unique in that it is a large metropolitan area that feels like a small town. The word “community” keeps coming back to me as I’m typing this, because that’s what we are and I feel like we do it so well!
Do you have any favorite local businesses in the neighborhood?
Where do I begin?! I love many of the small businesses here in Lincoln Park. I always enjoy popping in to Art Effect on Armitage when shopping for presents or even for something fun for my house. My kids love Annette’s for ice cream during the warmer months. I try to do fun activities 1:1 with each child and that one is always a fan favorite! 
Tell us more about your career journey, and how it led you to start House of Colour Lincoln Park! 
I worked in corporate america for several years before quitting to focus my time on my family. I was feeling overwhelmed with balancing it all and felt, at the time, that my family really needed me to be present in order to be the best version of myself. Which proved to be true for me!
Fast forward to about six-months post partum with my son, I found myself feeling like a wallflower. I wore black and charcoal grey almost every day and felt like I blended in despite trying to dress myself up. One of my best friends, Ashley, heard about House of Colour from a friend in Nebraska and once I got my colors done for myself I was HOOKED. I found that through the science of color, I could help myself FEEL better and save time and money by simply shopping for colors that were my best. That, coupled with the season-specific make-up that House of Colour makes, I actually started to feel like I was standing out and putting my best foot forward, every day (regardless of whether that was in athleisure or formalwear!) I was able to simplify my make-up routine, wear LESS make-up every day and…most importantly…FEEL my best.
It really changed the way I view myself and after getting my colors analyzed, I approached my friend Ashley about us starting the business in Illinois. Ashley is up the North Shore and I’m in the city so it’s been so fun to do this entrepreneur journey with a friend!
House of Colour is such a unique business! Can you share more about what you do, and why it can be so helpful for busy moms? 
We all have undertones in our skin that are unique to us. Your individual undertones naturally harmonize and look better with certain colors than others. House of Colour has developed a process that uses color science to identify your best colors that will harmonize with your skin, help you to FEEL your best by looking your best. Everyone can wear every color of the rainbow, it’s about identifying the shades of those colors that work FOR you versus AGAINST you (and believe me, the wrong ones can really work against you!)
One of the great things about knowing your best colors is that all of the colors in your season are able to be mixed and matched. So by being more targeted and buying clothes in your season, you can save TIME and MONEY by buying less and building a wardrobe that you can walk in to and grab any two pieces…and they will go together!
House of Colour also has an entire make-up line specialized to by season. During the appointment we find what is called your “90-second make-up” routine that, by wearing make-up that harmonizes with your skin undertones, allows you to put it on each day in 90-seconds! It also includes finding your three best lip colors, which is always one of my client’s favorite part of the appointment!
What is your favorite part about the color analysis appointment?
I love that my job is FUN every, single day! I love that I get to share the joy of color and have fun with people at the same time. But my favorite part of the appointment is when we visibly see the client’s mindset shift. We start the appointment with a clean slate – the client comes with no makeup on and we begin the draping process in natural lighting. It can be uncomfortable for people to stare at themselves in the mirror for a long period of time.
But somewhere during the appointment, typically after we find each client’s specific color palette, that clients start to see and FEEL their true beauty in their own skin. I hear phrases like, “WOW! That looks good on me!” or “This one allows me to really stand out.” It’s a rare thing for most people, especially women, to actually see and admit their own natural beauty but it is absolutely one of the most magical moments to witness. And it’s the reason I do this job!
What is something people would be surprised to learn about you? 
I’m a true extrovert and most people who know me, know that I like to be out and about doing things with others and constantly being with people. But actually one of my favorite things to do is to stay home with my husband and kiddos and have a movie night. We do an indoor picnic and watch a movie…it’s become a weekly pasttime that I always look forward to!
As an entrepreneur I’m sure your days are jam packed! What is a “mom hack” or piece of advice that helps you get through your busy days? 
As cliche as it sounds, House of Colour has become my life hack! Taking less time to get ready each morning (from picking out coordinating outfits to putting on my make-up) while at the same time FEELING confident in what I’m wearing has become one of the best things that I’ve found! I was a consumer of this business first…and the benefits that I’ve experienced is what has pushed me to take a leap in to entrepreneurship!
That, and packing my kid’s backpacks and lunch the night before. That’s ALWAYS something I never regret doing the next morning!
Rapid Fire Round:
Window or aisle? WINDOW!
Go-to makeup product? House of Colour’s Lipstick! It balances your face!
Favorite movie? A League of Their Own
Favorite candy? Anything CHOCOLATE!
Something that inspires you? Watching other women succeed in business. I never thought about owning my own and was so scared when I started. There are so many women locally that inspire me every day to keep going.
What do you make for dinner in a pinch? Pasta! My kids love it and it’s quick when I don’t have much prep time!

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