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Thank you for making the Lincoln Park Moms 2022 Preschool & Childcare Guide a part of your family’s research! A HUGE thank you to Children’s Learning Place for their support in helping make this guide possible. 

Children’s Learning Place is an Early Learning Academy focused on offering your child a well-rounded educational experience. Your child’s education is based on their interests and abilities. Their program is designed to recognize and respond to the specific needs of your child and their individual pace. Their teachers nurture  students from Infant to Toddler through Preschooler and on to Kindergarten.

Children’s Learning Place Early Learning Academy 

Logan Square
3132 W Fullerton Ave
Chicago, IL 60647

3532 N Halsted
Chicago, IL 60657

400 N McClurg Court
Chicago, IL 60611

1681 N Milwaukee Avenue
Chicago, IL 60647

West Town
1826 W Chicago Avenue
Chicago, IL 60622


[email protected]

Children’s Learning Place is dedicated to providing your child a stimulating academic environment including activities that focus on physical and social development. Age appropriate classrooms, which encourage children to learn, play and explore in a happy, relaxed environment prepares each student on their educational path.
Ages: Newborns-6 Years; Infants, Toddlers, Preschool, Prekindergarten
Application Deadline: Rolling
Facebook: @CLP Chicago


Alphonsus Academy & Center for the Arts

1439 W Wellington Ave, Chicago, IL 60657 (Lakeview)
School (773)892-1397    Admissions (773)819-7655
[email protected]

AACA provides a rigorous education combining academic excellence, an arts-integrated curriculum, social-emotional learning, and a strong Catholic foundation. 

Our preschool program uses a play-based, theme-driven approach to learning.  We believe that a child’s play is their work and that children learn best by experiencing their world through all of their senses. Academics such as literacy, math, and science are incorporated into the daily routine through a variety of developmentally appropriate practices and “hands-on” activities which connect to our themes. 

The AACA Catholic faith community provides our students with a warm, welcoming safety net.  Our program is influenced by the Responsive Classroom approach, the Positive Discipline work of Jane Nelson, and Playworks.  In addition to classroom time, preschool students attend specials classes such as Art, Music, Drama, Spanish, and Physical Education.  It is our goal for each child to build a sense of belonging in a mutually respectful classroom environment. 

We offer three options for preschool, each with a teacher and assistant teacher:

    • 3 Day AM (Tues-Thurs 8-11am) for 3-year-olds only, one class of 15-16 
    • 5 Day AM (8-11 am) for 3- & 4-year-olds combined, one class of 18 
    • 5 Day Full Day (8 am –2:50 pm) for 3- & 4-year-olds combined, 3 classes of 18 each

Ages:Tots (2 yrs with adult), Preschool 3 & 4 years old, Kindergarten – 8th Grade (PK & Kindergarten must be 3, 4 or 5 by Sept 1 of school year.)

Website: Alphonsus Academy

Application Link: Apply Here

Application Deadline: First round of acceptances on February 1 each year for applications received by January 31, then on a rolling basis for available openings.





Bennett Day School

955 W Grand Ave.
[email protected]

At Bennett Day School, we believe that every child is born wondering, and that fostering this innate curiosity leads to a lifelong love of learning. We teach kids, not content. Inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy, our educators are experts in child development and keen observers of students and their interests. Learning is then thoughtfully scaffolded around these interests, which naturally creates a stronger connection between our students and their education.

While our Early Childhood program is play-based, there is structure and intentionality in the unfolding school days and weeks. Educators in our Early Childhood program understand the need for time and space to explore freely, but also the benefit of focused attention. While you will not find a room filled with young learners working on rote pencil and paper activities, you will find a group of three, four, and five-year-olds quietly engaged in the exploration of shape and patterns, building complex three-dimensional structures using blocks, or translating those three-dimensional structures into drawings.

Responsibility for self and others is an important part of our program. An emerging sense of self, partnered with a sense of community, is developed in Morning Meeting. For our youngest children, this is a time and place to learn about community life; the give and take of shared activities, such as group singing. This is also a time to reflect on the projects at work in the classroom. As students move through our program, Morning Meeting is a time to declare one’s intent, to determine, based on what is happening in the classroom how one is going to spend a given part of the day. This provides young children with an important opportunity to assert themselves, be active in their learning narrative, and make choices.


Ages: PreK-12 (Ages 3-18)

Starting age for our Early Childhood Program: 
  • PreK: 3 years old by September 1
  • JK: 4 years old by September 1
  • SK: 5 years old by September 1

Website: Bennett Day School

Application Link: Apply Today

Application Deadline: Rolling admissions

Instagram: @bennettdayschool

Facebook: @bennettdayschool


Bright Horizons Early Education and Preschool 

Various Locations throughout Chicago & suburbs

Learning starts with counting fingers and toes. Before you know it, it’s time for chapter books and multiplication tables. In between are the building blocks of education, where young children establish the foundation for a lifetime of learning. At Bright Horizons, our carefully crafted education programs are there for every step — age appropriate and custom-designed to encourage curious, happy, and confident children at every age and stage. With 11 locations in the City of Chicago, we are conveniently located near where you work and live.  Contact us today to learn more and find the center nearest you.


Ages: Infant – Kindergarten Prep, School Age days off and summer camp in some locations

Website: Bright Horizions

Application Deadline: Rolling admissions

Instagram: @brighthorizons

Facebook: @brighthorizons


British International School of Chicago

814 & 821 W. Eastman St. Chicago, IL 60642
(773) 907-5000
[email protected]

At British International School of Chicago, Lincoln Park we educate your child to achieve academic success, enabling entry into the world’s leading universities. Globally respected curricula are enhanced by collaborations with pre-eminent organizations such as Juilliard, MIT, and UNICEF to ensure that every child develops the skills and mindset needed to thrive in an ever-changing world.

Ages: 15 months – 5th Grade

Website: British International School of Chicago

Application Link: Admissions | BIS Chicago, Lincoln Park | Nord Anglia (nordangliaeducation.com)

Application Deadline: Rolling

Instagram: @bisclincolnpark

Facebook: @BISCLincolnPark


Bubbles Academy Arts-Integrated Preschool

2184 N. Elston Chicago, IL 60614
(312) 944 – 7677
[email protected]

Ignite Wonder with an emergent and arts-integrated curriculum that places your child’s curiosity and social emotional development at the forefront! Bubbles Academy’s educational philosophy of arts-integration combines content and skills taken from arts practices including dance, music, theatre and visual arts, with developmentally appropriate, early childhood learning standards and socio-emotional skills.

Ages: 2.5 – 5 years

Website: Bubbles Academy

Application Link: Apply Here

Application Deadline: Rolling

Instagram: @bubblesacademy

Facebook: @bubblesacademy



Francis W. Parker School 

330 W. Webster Ave, Chicago, Illinois, 60614
[email protected]

Francis W. Parker School educates students to think and act with empathy, courage and clarity as responsible citizens and leaders in a diverse democratic society and global community. For more, see fwparker.org/about/philosophy.


Ages: Age 4 (Junior Kindergarten)-12th grade

Website: Francis W. Parker School

Application: Apply Here

Application Deadline: See fwparker.org/admission/application-procedures

Instagram: @fwparker

Facebook: @ParkerChicago


Growing Seeds Preschool 

2750 N Racine Ave. Chicago, IL 60614
(773) 251-7563
[email protected]

Growing Seeds Preschool is a hidden gem in the Lincoln Park neighborhood.  

At Growing Seeds Preschool, we provide a nurturing and creative environment carefully designed to encourage children to express themselves and to develop the small voice inside them that is just waiting to be heard! Our welcoming and warm space is second home for children. Children know it is A-OK to make mistakes, to fall and cry, and to try new things as they explore the world and how they relate to it through play-based activities, storytelling, music and art. Your child’s natural curiosity is complemented with fun and stimulating activities that encourage discovery and independence, interaction and friendship, building a foundation for a lifelong love of learning at an early age!


Ages: 2-5 years old

Website: Growing Seeds Preschool

Application Deadline: Rolling Admission

Facebook: @GrowingSeedsPreschoolChicago


Guidepost Montessori

Lincoln Park
2301 N. Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60614
(773) 598-5749

Logan Square
2418 N Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, IL 60647
(847) 773-0776

Magnificent Mile
226 E. Illinois Street, Chicago, IL 60611
(312) 796-9400

Old Town
311 W Division in Old Town Park, Chicago, IL 60610
(708) 441-3831

West Loop
1000 W Washington Blvd, Chicago, IL 60607
(312) 883-4090

Wicker Park
1530 N Damen Ave., Chicago, IL 60622
(773) 663-4732

Guidepost Montessori offers a continuing Montessori education from infancy through elementary. Our school in features beautiful, spacious classrooms for your child to explore and grow in an environment prepared for them. We offer year-round programming with few closures throughout the year, as well as rolling admissions into our programs. Discover more about our accredited, authentic Montessori school with a tour today.


Ages: 12 weeks – 6 years old. Daycare, Infant, Young Toddler, Toddler, Pre-K, Kindergarten, Elementary

Website: Guidepost Montessori

Application Link: Admissions

Instagram: @guidepostmontessori

Facebook: @guidepostmontessori



Immaculate Conception – St. Joseph School

1431 N North Park Avenue (PreK – Grade 3) | 363 W Hill Street (Grades 4 – 8)
312-944-0304, ext. 217 (Corey Jacobson, Director of Admissions)
ICSJ School is a premier Catholic school serving over 350 students from 25 zip codes in PreK3 through 8th Grade across two campuses in Old Town. By implementing a unique co-teaching model in all pre-kindergarten through 5th Grade classrooms, ICSJ is able to authentically differentiate instruction for each student. This personalized approach, combined with our comprehensive social/emotional curriculum and breadth of extracurricular opportunities has yielded highly successful graduates continually accepted by the top high schools in Chicago.

Ages: PreK3 through Grade 8; Caregiver & Tot Program 2x weekly for 2-year-olds

Website: ICSJ School

Application Link: Apply Today

Application Deadline: Early December prior to fall of enrollment, accepted after December on a rolling basis as capacity is available

Instagram: @icsjschool

Facebook: @icsjschool


Latin School of Chicago

Lower School, 1531 N. Dearborn St., 60610
Middle School, 45 W. North Blvd., 60610
Upper School, 59 W. North Blvd., 60610
(312) 582-6000

Latin School of Chicago provides its students with a rigorous and innovative educational program in a community that embraces diversity of people, cultures and ideas. Latin inspires its students to pursue their passions and lead lives of purpose and excellence.

The lower school is a place where children are treasured, where eager learners are encouraged to take the next step, to ask the next question and to discover the next truth.  Our students publish their own books, put on plays, host art shows, participate in interscholastic athletics, and work on community service projects, all while building the educational foundation that will prepare them for the rest of their lives.
Our lower school faculty are extensively trained in early childhood and elementary education. Our teachers use a team approach, gathering input from parents and on-staff learning resource specialists—as well as their own close observations—to customize their teaching methods and content to address each child’s strengths and interests.

Ages: JK-12th Grade

Website: Latin School of Chicago

Application Link: Application Link

Application Deadline: Due November 5. Applications for JK-4th grade are based on attrition and due April 1. 

Instagram: @latinschoolofchicago

Facebook: @latinschoolofchicago


Lincoln Park Cooperative Nursery School

1753 N Fern Court Chicago IL 60614

As a parent, you know your child is a curious explorer, eager to interact with you and the world around them. For over 70 years, Lincoln Park Co-op has offered the opportunity to expand that world with a community of people who will support your child and your family as you enter into this next stage.

We hold a firm belief, rooted in research and experience, that a play-based, hands on approach is how young children grow and learn. Together with highly qualified, warm and nurturing teachers, a play-based approach fosters a love of learning and a child’s idea of themselves as a capable student.

Lincoln Park Co-op, a NAEYC accredited school, offers part-day, part-week programming. Each program is designed to reflect the developmental needs of young children. In addition to our indoor space, we have an attached Outdoor Classroom that provides year round opportunities for exploration and play. 

We know that children benefit from being able to share their first school experiences with parents and caregivers. Our cooperative model lends to families forming genuine, collaborative community within the school.  As a staff, we truly value this relationship, understanding that it creates the space for children to better develop security and trust in their classrooms and teachers. In turn, they are available for real learning to take place. Each day, parents are in the classrooms and we are collaborating together. Additionally, parents serve on the board of directors or committees of the board and play a direct role in the operation of our preschool.


Ages: Part-time morning and afternoon drop-off programs for children aged 2.5  to 5 years old; weekly Parent/Tot program starting at 18 months of age; additional enrichment opportunities offered by semester

Website: Lincoln Park Cooperative Nursery School

Application Link: Apply Today

Application Deadline: Rolling application deadline

Instagram: @lincolnparkcoop

Facebook: @lincolnparkcoop


Lincoln Park Preschool & Kindergarten

LPP Belden-2301 N Clark St- 1R
Chicago, IL 60614
LPP Webster-2150 N Lincoln Park West
Chicago, IL 60614
LPP Germania- 108 W Germania Place
Chicago, IL 60610
Cultivating a love of learning through our play-based curriculum, our highly qualified teachers provide a nurturing environment that supports your child as an active citizen, life-long learner, and loyal friend.

Ages: 15 months through Kindergarten

Website: LPPSchools.com

Application Link: Apply Today

Application Deadline: February 15th

Instagram: @lppreschools


L&L Academy and Preschool



L&L Academy and Preschool Lincoln Park
2350 N. Clark St. Chicago, IL 60614
(773) 883-2044
L&L Infant and Toddler Care Lincoln Park
2346 N. Clark St. Chicago, IL 60614
(773) 883-2044


L&L Academy and Preschool Lakeview East
1056 W. Belmont Ave. Chicago, IL 60657
(773) 880-9111
L&L Infant Care Lakeview East
1046 W. Belmont Ave. Chicago, IL 60657
(773) 799-8272
L&L Academy and Preschool Lakeview West
1154 W. Belmont Ave. Chicago, IL 60657
(872) 802-4575
L&L Infant and Toddler Care Lakeview West
1228 W. Belmont Ave. Chicago, IL 60657
(773) 666-5319


L&L Infant and Toddler Care Wicker Park
2033-35 W. Division St. Chicago, IL 60622
(773) 904-7334


L&L Academy and Preschool – West Loop
14-22 N. Loomis St. Chicago, IL 60607
(312) 877-5103
At L&L Academy and Preschool, we consider every opportunity a learning opportunity. Knowing and understanding that children tend to learn best when they are enjoying an activity, we turn every moment into something educational. Our goals are to nurture and guide each child’s development physically, socially, emotionally, and intellectually that will continue to evolve over a lifetime. We will give your children the tools to begin reading, writing, and being confident for the first day of Kindergarten. This is done in an environment where learning unfolds through stimulating play, exploration, and curriculum.

At L&L Academy and Preschool, we believe that, as professional teachers, it is our duty to help children discover their interests through guidance. With a fun but carefully planned curriculum, we can help your children discover the wonders of reading, poetry, science, creative movement, and so much more. Our Emergent Curriculum ensures that the children’s interests and experiences are always the inspiration for our lesson plans and activities. Through careful observation and communication, our teachers are trained to create their lesson plans and facilitate activities that will further the children’s curiosity while challenging them to reach their next milestone. They are designed to focus on each area of development, from cognitive & language, and social-emotional, to fine & gross motor skills.  Creative and engaging art, music, and sensory experiences are incorporated into each day to allow our students the opportunity to explore and manipulate new materials and experiences.

With our youngest friends in the Infant Classrooms at L&L, we follow Magda Gerber’s RIE Philosophy, which stands for Resources for Infant Educarers. It allows us to provide an environment for the infants where they feel safe and nurtured while being challenged cognitively. Through the RIE Philosophy, we treat the infants respectfully as individuals and trust that they will be active explorers and learners in the environment that we provide. We believe that it is important for the children to have periods of uninterrupted play and exploration while we can observe them and see where they are in their development to determine what materials and activities we can provide to encourage their growth. Our goal is to encourage the infants to be involved in all areas of the classroom and provide them with the freedom to explore and interact with others.

Your children can do so much only if they are exposed to the right environment. We spend the time that they are under our care ingraining those values, so they can be ahead of their peers as they pursue Elementary Education. We look forward to working with you to meet, if not exceed, all your childcare needs. Our goal at L&L Academy and Preschool is to provide your child with the best education in Chicago.


Ages: 6 weeks through 6 years old 

Website: L&L School

Application Link: Provided upon request at [email protected] Tour request form https://landlschool.com/tour-request

Application Deadline: Open enrollment year-round


Mary Meyer School

2817 North Pine Grove Avenue, Chicago IL  60657
[email protected]

For over 75 years, children have passed through the doorway of our Chicago Lakeview graystone schoolhouse. Mary Meyer School is a preschool that offers two daily half-day programs for 3 and 4 year old students under the care of three teachers. This NAEYC accredited preschool educates children through purposeful play and inspires our students to encounter the world with joy, curiosity and confidence.
Our students spend their time at school in small and large groups being supported and taught by creative and inspirational teachers. Our head teachers have a Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education, a comprehensive understanding of child development and what children need at this age. With decades of experience, we also support our parents as their children move into their life as a student. Our work inside and outside in our Playgarden classroom often leads us to explore our Lakeview neighborhood. Whether we are collecting leaves for a science experiment or proclaiming our love to preserve our planet on an Earth Day Parade, we spend each day as thoughtful explorers.
Our outdoor private Playgarden Classroom behind our schoolhouse serves as an extension of our indoor classroom space and is used throughout our school year. Our Playgarden also inspires students to run and play and bike and climb…and to plant. Our large raised beds inspire young farmers to get their hands dirty as they sow and plant and host a farmer’s market in the spring.

Ages: Half day 5 days per week preschool for children who turn 3 by December 1, 2022 (preK and JK aged)

Website: www.marymeyer.org

Application Link: www.marymeyer.org/admission

Application Deadline: Rolling application deadline

Instagram: @marymeyerschool

Facebook: @marymeyerschool


Park West Co-Op Nursery School

2214 N. Bissell Street  Chicago, IL 60614
[email protected]

Park West Cooperative is a Play-Based preschool in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago, IL.  We have leading expert teachers in Early Childhood Education and classrooms with award winning, resource rich learning environments. Children learn through Play and Social Connections. Purposeful, developmentally appropriate curriculum and small size classes for Parent & Tots through Junior Kindergarten. Founded by parents in 1971 who wanted to be involved in their children’s education, Park West has a strong tradition of community and a commitment to helping each child grow as an individual and as a member of a group. We are celebrating 50 years as a preschool this year!

Ages: Parent & Tot –
2 Day-  Born before or on March 1, 2020
3 Day Morning or Afternoon- Born before or on November 1, 2019
4 Day – Born before or on September 1, 2019
Junior Kindergarten -Born before or on September 1, 2018

Website: https://www.parkwestcoop.org

Application Link: https://www.parkwestcoop.org/applications-and-deadlines

Application Deadline: We are currently accepting applicants for the 2022-23 School Year, through our Rolling Admissions process.

Instagram: @parkwestcoop

Facebook: @parkwestcoop

Queen of Angels Catholic Elementary School

4520 N Western Ave Chicago, IL 60625
[email protected]

Think with your Mind, Act with your Heart, Serve with Both!

Ages:Bridge (2 yr old program); Preschool (3-4 yr olds); Kdg – 8th grade

Website: https://queenofangelschicago.org/

Application Link: Application Link

Application Deadline: Rolling until capacity

Instagram: @queenofangelsschoolchicago

Facebook: @queenofangelsschool


Saint Andrew School

1710 W. Addison, Chicago IL
[email protected]  (admissions)

Saint Andrew School is a vibrant Catholic School located in the Lakeview/Wrigleyville neighborhood on the northside of Chicago.

Ages: Preschool- 8th grade

Website: Saint Andrew School

Application Link: SAS Application

Application Deadline: ongoing 

Instagram: SAS Instagram

Facebook: SAS Facebook



Saint Clement School

2524 N Orchard Chicago IL 60614
[email protected]

Anchored in the richness of Catholic tradition, Saint Clement School engages each and every child in a challenging academic environment that empowers and inspires our students to recognize their unique gifts. Upon graduating from Saint Clement School, our students enter high school empowered by their rich experience of faith, service and intellectual discovery. Our students are compassionate leaders entrusted with a sacred responsibility to share their gifts, serve the common good and respond with confidence to the challenges each day.

Ages: Preschool- 8th grade

Website: Saint Clement School

Application Link: Apply Here

Application Deadline: January 15th 

Instagram: @saintclementschoolchicago

Facebook: @saintclementschoolchicagoil



The Francis Xavier Warde School

Old St. Patrick’s Campus (OSP) 120 S. Desplaines Street Chicago, IL 60661 (3P – Grade 3)
Holy Name Cathedral Campus (HNC) 751 N. State Street Chicago, IL 60654 (Grade 4 – 8)
[email protected]

The Frances Xavier Warde School is a Catholic elementary school in downtown Chicago that provides an academically excellent, values-oriented education to students of all ethnic, religious, cultural and socio-economic backgrounds in a child-centered urban environment. FXW follows a rigorous curriculum that enables students to grow, clarify their values, and develop decision-making skills and a sense of responsibility for themselves and the world they will inherit. The FXW Preschool philosophy is to facilitate learning in developmentally appropriate ways. With teacher guidance, our youngest students delve into a wide range of experiential topics that they then investigate through long-term projects and themes.


  • Play as the foundation for all learning.
  • The importance of social and emotional development with an emphasis on relationships, self-regulation, and initiative.
  • Nurturing growth mindset and sense of belonging in the community of the classroom.
  • Modeling and fostering the development of empathy and compassion to enhance relationships.
  • Teaching critical thinking skills through discussing, questioning, and exploring.
  • Providing choices to foster motivation to learn and to experience the joy of learning.
  • Building body awareness by strengthening gross motor and fine motor muscles.
  • Supporting the religious and spiritual faith of all children through prayer and music.
  • Encouraging self-help skills to build independence and pride.
  • Child readiness for learning with sensitivity to individual differences and needs.
  • Partnering with parents to establish goals in order to support and nurture children’s development.

Ages: Preschool (3 years old) – 8th Grade

Website: The Francis Xavier Warde School

Application Link: Apply Here

Application Deadline: Preschool and Kindergarten December 1, 2022, Grades 1-8 February 15, 2023

Instagram: @fxwchicago

Facebook: @FXWchicago




The Gardner School of Chicago – Lincoln Park

2850 N Lincoln Ave
[email protected]

The Gardner School of Chicago-Lincoln Park is one of 11 schools in the Greater Chicago area. We are proud to offer a careful blend of traditional and Montessori educational styles centered around curriculum-based lessons, child-directed activities, and structured play to children aged six weeks through five years old. All of our classrooms are led by highly qualified teachers who have a passion for helping young children learn and thrive. The stimulating, creative, and educationally-engineered school has been designed with children in mind. Our students and their families love the optional enrichment classes that allow students to explore their individual interests, from sports to foreign languages to computers! Not to mention our summer camp, Camp Gardner, is packed with tons of summer fun for our students. Attention to detail both inside and outside the classroom is what makes The Gardner School of Chicago-Lincoln Park a special place for young children.
School Features
  • Academically-focused learning with a research-based curriculum
  • Real-time updates through the parent communications app with photos, nap and feeding times, and school announcements
  • Safe and secure environment with two security checkpoints
  • Inviting classrooms with highly qualified lead teachers
  • Delicious, healthy meals in the Kids’ Café
  • On-site supplemental enrichment classes (sports, music and arts, computers, foreign language) in our enrichment studio and computer lab
  • Open-door policy for daily check-ins
  • Parent-teacher conferences
  • Spacious indoor playscape and enrichment room
  • Close-knit family involvement and participation
  • Long-term teaching and leadership staff

Ages: The Gardner School of Chicago-Lincoln Park offers year-round educational programs and childcare for children six weeks through five years old.

Website: The Gardner School – Lincoln Park

Application Link: Apply Here

Application Deadline: N/A

Instagram: @tgslincolnpark

Facebook: @TGSLincolnPark



The Goddard School

1127 W Armitage Avenue
[email protected]

The Goddard School has been providing quality Early Childhood Education for over 35 years Our state of the art facility recently opened in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago just blocks away from the Armitage Brown and Purple lines. The facility has bright classrooms, two outdoor playgrounds, two indoor play spaces along with great educational resources. We are looking for educational professionals with positive, bubbly personalities to join our team as our school expands. The Goddard School is a renowned program with a Piaget (Learning through Play) based foundation and a leader in the preschool industry which is growing and continues to set the standard for excellence. The focus of the program is to provide a life-long love of learning. Our staff is made of loving and dedicated teachers who understand each child’s needs. They are highly qualified childhood educators who are able to use their creativity and the Goddard Developmental Guidelines as the basis for unique lesson plans that are brought to life in a fun and imaginative way.

Ages: 6 Weeks to 6 Years

Website: https://www.goddardschool.com/schools/il/chicago/chicago-lincoln-park

Application Link: https://www.goddardschool.com/schools/il/chicago/chicago-lincoln-park/our-school/goddard-form

Application Deadline: Open Enrollment

Instagram: @thegoddardschoolchicago

Facebook: @GoddardSchoolChicagoLincolnParkIL


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